Posted on November 9, 2018

6 Things to Do Before Posting a Bail Bond

When you get that collect call from jail with a request to make a bond, you know what you need to do. Life happens and your loved one is counting on you to come through in the time of need. Spending even one night in jail is hell and can certainly cause an abundance of problems that turns life upside down. But, before you rush down to the jail to make a bond, there are a few important things that you should know, including the six items listed below.

1.    Bail Bondsman: Use a bondsman to bail our loved one out of jail and pay only 10% of the original bond amount, plus a small fee (not to exceed $50) for the bondsman fee. Choose a quality bondsman in the area.

2.    Learn the Bond Process: When you take the time to learn how to bail someone out of jail before you go, the process is much smoother to endure.

3.    Confidence: When you sign a bond, you agree this person will appear in court on the date specified in the arrest warrant. Are you confident this person will return to court?

4.    Property Bonds: When the cash to post a bond is unavailable, many bondsmen allow property bonds in lieu of cash. Jewelry, cars, and real estate are among the items that you can use for a property bond.

5.    Bond: You don’t need to be related to a person to post a bond for them. This is a common myth. Friends, coworkers, or anyone else can make the bod.

how to bail someone out of jail

6.    Think About It: Choosing to post a bond for a person is a big decision. While you want to help out and be there in every way that you can, protecting yourself is the most important steps to make.